Curdridge Parish Council

A Tribute to R P Farrell

Paul, as we all knew him, passed away 12th October 2007. He lived at Treefeld, Botley Road, where he and later his sons operated an agricultural contracting business.


Paul and his wife Eileen had been involved with Curdridge Scouts as far back as I can remember and beyond. The minute book shows that he had been involved with the Curdridge Scout Group for 24 years in 1978, but he went on for a great deal longer as GSL and was on the Management committee for a number of years.  Today when you take a close look at the village there are some properties that seemingly are regularly up for sale, then there are the majority of us, once moved into Curdridge you seem destined to be settled for life. I make reference to this, because there are many of us associated with the Farrell family that still are here in Curdridge today, some 40 to 50 years later. We must also remember that life back then was completely different, we had three pubs, not one served food, life and entertainment was village orientated. Scottish dancing, Jumble sales, dances, skittles evening whist drives and later race nights. All community involvement. This was Paul’s life.  There would be Scout Camp, inter Scout sports, usually twice a year jumble sales to help out funds and bob a job week ,St. George’s Day and Remembrance Sunday services and parades.


Paul and Eileen had a long association with Curdridge Church but then due to a family wedding clashing with Curdridge Show ( they were not allowed the bells in case they interfered with the tannoy system of the show) Paul took his allegiance to Durley and Holy Cross Church - a sad and unfortunate day for us in Curdridge, especially as they helped at Curdridge Show as a rule.


There was the quest of raising monies for the new Guide and Scout Headquarters, which opened in 1974.  A massive sum, had to be raised. There are many that remember the whist evenings and bingo nights. At Christmas time there were Carols for the Group and we would go out for a week or fortnight before Christmas with lanterns carol singing -  this was to raise funds for the Elderly folks Christmas party given as a thank you for supporting the building fund. We had a lot of fun, but then that was village life.


Paul and Eileen were at the helm of all the events, with John Barnes and his wife Mary. I suppose each generation has the opportunity with parents and children all enjoying the commitment of people such as Paul.  


We remember Paul and Eileen with grateful thanks for all their support and especially for all their devoted time to the Scout movement in Curdridge and the District.


We offer our sympathy to David, Robin  and sisters Linda and Pauline and their families.



Marianne Small.



October 2007