Curdridge Parish Council

Council Meetings & Minutes


NEXT FULL COUNCIL MEETING -  21 FEBRUARY 2019 AT 7 PM in the Billiard Room, Reading Rooms, Reading Room Lane.  

Full Council considers/approves Full Council Minutes, Finance Reports and any other Full Council business (including Annual Budget/Precept available on "About Council" Finance page and urgent or deferred Planning Applications) on the Agenda to be discussed.

The AGENDA will be available HERE in due course.


NEXT PLANNING, HIGHWAYS & LICENSING COMMITTEE MEETING - 7 FEBRUARY 2019 (if there is sufficient business) in the Billiard Room, Reading Rooms, Reading Room Lane, Curdridge.

The Planning, Highways & Licensing Committee approves Planning, Highways & Licensing Committee Minutes, Planning Applications and any other Planning, Highways & Licensing matters on the Agenda to be discussed.  Meetings are only held IF there is sufficient business, therefore some Planning Applications may be referred to Full Council Meetings, so please check Agendas.

The Agenda is available CLICK HERE.

MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC are welcome to attend all Parish Council meetings where an Agenda is published and time is set aside at the beginning of the meeting for public questions and comments. The public are not permitted to speak whilst business of the Council is being discussed, unless invited to do so by the Chairman.


Meetings generally commence at 7pm in the Billard Room at the Reading Rooms, unless otherwise specified on the Agenda.

Thurs  10 Jan        Planning, Highways & Licensing Committee
Thurs 24 Jan        Full Council  (in Committee Room)

Thurs  7 Feb        Planning, Highways & Licensing Committee
Thurs 21 Feb       Full Council   

Thurs 7 Mar         Planning, Highways & Licensing Committee 
Thurs 21 Mar       Full Council 

Thurs  4 Apr        Planning, Highways & Licensing Committee

w/c 11 Apr           Annual Parish Meeting
Thurs  18 Apr      Full Council Meeting if required

Thurs 2 May        Planning, Highways & Licensing Committee  (in Committee Room)
Thurs 16 May      Annual General Meeting 

Thurs  6 June      Planning, Highways & Licensing Committee
Thurs 27 June     Full Council  

Thurs  4 July       Planning, Highways & Licensing Committee 
Thurs  18 July     Full Council  (in Committee Room)

Thurs  8 Aug       Planning, Highways & Licensing Committee, followed by Full Council Meeting 
Thurs 15 Aug      RECESS (No Meeting - Full Council to be held on 8 August 2019)

Thurs  5 Sept      Planning, Highways & Licensing Committee

Thurs 19 Sept    Full Council (including Planning)  (IN COMITTEE ROOM)

Thurs 3 Oct         Planning, Highways & Licensing Committee 
Thurs  17 Oct      Full Council  

Thurs  7 Nov       Planning, Highways & Licensing Committee  (MEETING CANCELLED)
Thurs  21 Nov     Full Council 

Thurs 5 Dec        Planning, Highways & Licensing Committee
Thurs 19 Dec      Full Council  





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