Curdridge Parish Council

Obituary - Mrs Janet Howard

Mrs Janet Howard passed away peacefully at her home in Purbrook on 22nd September 2007, aged 93.

Those who remember her will recall that she was the founder and former Principal of Fairlands Montessori School. Over many years she built up her school at the Reading Rooms and later overflowed into the Scout and Guide Headquarters as well.

Those who knew her well had a great admiration for her achievements and determination. Most of all her dedication to children’s education. She was a quiet unsung heroine for her charity work, always on hand to help people and children in difficult circumstances. Many benefited from her generosity, and her work as a Police councillor and Prison visitor, for which she would be on call 24 hours a day. Right up to her demise Mrs. Howard knitted jumpers for The Salvation Army and despite failing eyesight they were created to perfection.

Many children (now in their 40’s) who lived in Curdridge will fondly remember this lady with pride, especially the Christmas pantomime where everyone had a part to play. My daughter remembers being a diamond in Ali Baba. There are so many scrapbooks of every child’s performance, a treasure and keepsake for Anne and Geoffrey, her own children. The piano was always moved to the recreation ground for the performance of the school at Curdridge show where every parent, grandparent, uncle and aunt was encouraged to attend.

During the war years Mrs. Howard was a Civil Servant in strategic planning at Southwick. Top secret, but with many a tale that surrounded her social activities and a wonderful sense of humour.

May she rest in peace after a full and rewarding life.