Curdridge Parish Council

Parish Plan


Tuesday 1st March saw the first meeting of villagers interested in producing a Parish Plan for Curdridge and Curbridge. There were 14 members of the parish there to hear Steve Lincoln from Winchester City Council’s Community Support Team explain what a Parish Plan is.

It is very obvious that there is a tremendous amount of support for the protection of the rural way of life we have here and that no-one wants to see the village’s facilities decline and that plenty can be done to enhance how we live here.

A Parish Plan’s first objective is to find out what our residents want: what’s important, what needs protecting and what needs improving.

The Plan will then be individual to our village. It’s not about what others think we need, it’s about how we as residents want our village to be - what’s important to us.
Already, during the Blueprint Planning Consultation, we have identified Road Safety as a major problem. We want to be able to walk, cycle or drive around the village. By having a formal plan with statistical evidence from residents we will be able to identify particular hazards, and target our efforts towards improving safe road usage. It could be to slow traffic down, put in a pavement, get better signage, who knows!

There are lots of issues: public transport, tree preservation, public footpaths, local employment and of course planning, to name but a few. With a Parish Plan we will know what our priorities are and the Parish Council will be able to use the Plan to lobby Winchester and Hampshire Councils and to mobilise resources to help us achieve our goals.