The allotments on Botley Road, Curdridge are for the use of existing residents of the Civil Parish of Curdridge only, which consists of the villages of Curdridge and Curbridge. This is in accordance with the Lease signed between the Parish Council (Landowners) and the Allotment Association.

If residents with allotment tenancies move away from the parish the allotment tenancy may not be renewed; however allotment holders are entitled to retain the allotment between Lady Day and Michaelmas in accordance with their current tenancy agreement, due to planted crops and their harvesting. The allotment then becomes available to the next resident of the parish on the waiting list. Under the EU funding regulations allotments may be made available to individuals in neighbouring parishes (on an 'at risk basis') only if there are no parish residents on the waiting list or having expressed an interest in an allotment.

For all allotment enquiries please contact Jeremy Shottin, Chairman, Curdridge and Curbridge Allotment Association, on 07825 046987, or e-mail

The Curdridge Allotment project was partly financed by the European Agriculture Fund for European Development 2007 - 2013: Europe investing in rural areas (

The certificate of funding is available to view here.

Support was received from and the project was delivered through the Fieldfare Local Action Group.

EU Fund

Allotment Water Fountain

Curdridge Parish Council has recently installed an outdoor drinking fountain by the allotments on Botley Road. The fountain can be used by gardeners tending to their crops, but also by any other members of the community who need a drink while out of the house.

The new anti-vandal drinking fountain has a freeze resistant valve, and a strong enamel-based paint, so it will work through the cold winter months without being broken or damaged by the elements. The water will also be kept free from dirt or debris by a small strainer, a key feature with the autumn leaves beginning to fall from the trees.

The chrome bubbler tap is also controlled by a low, sensitive push-button. This means even younger, older or physically impaired residents can enjoy a drink without being left out.

Many of us enjoy a refreshing drink from a mains fed water cooler or drinking fountain while at the office or in our homes, so we installed the new fountain to offer the same luxury while gardening, walking the dog, or just enjoying a walk around the village.

For further information, contact Parish Clerk, Jenny Whittle on 01489 786557.