Furzecote Farm Event

Curdridge Parish Council has been advised by a couple of residents that there is a rumour going around Curdridge that Furzecote Farm is going to be holding another event this year.  Curdridge Parish Council has not been made aware of any events that may be happening on Furzecote Farm.  However, we can confirm that the landowner was advised by Winchester City Council that he must make a Licence Application for any future events on his land and Curdridge Parish Council also highlighted the importance of this via site visits made by Parish and District Councillors throughout last year’s event.

However, if any resident receives information that concerns you Curdridge Parish Council recommends that you contact Winchester City Council’s Licensing Department directly to report this as they have powers that enable them to approach the landowner to establish the formal position and can reiterate their legal advice to the landowner.

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